The Writing

(Rebuilding a web site is tedious work.)

I had previously broken my writing into pages specific to each genre of writing. Now I have this page with links to already published works. There’s also a link to a page for Projects in Development.

My more recent writing will turn up eventually (I’m an excellent procrastinator), but for now, a few links to works already published. The kids books were written with the storytelling help of the kids portrayed in them – long long ago. All of them are now parents themselves!

Afghanistan: A Canadian Story

I did not write this book but I did spend five years collecting the stories then designed, edited (for spelling and punctuation only) and formatted it. Amazon carries the slightly updated e-version of the book, but the original hard copy is still available through The RCEME Guild. All proceeds go to support the military and military families through the efforts of the RCEME Guild.

Interoperability: Blessing or Curse

This is an early academic piece that was written in 2003 and presented at a Defence Conference in Halifax. An interesting experience.

Melanie Graham’s Short Kutz

Shows how to create children’s clothing out of adult old clothes, including jeans to overalls, jackets, and jumpers, shirts to coats, dresses, tops, pants, and sunsuits, and sweaters to tops, overalls, dresses, pants, and jumpsuits, and provides guidelines and tips on pattern making.

Kristen and the Dum Dums

An old fashioned whimsical children’s story.

The Story of Jamie Small

A simple, old-fashioned, illustrated, children’s story about imagination and the magic in every child.

The Tale of Princess Erin

A simple, old fashioned children’s story of fantasy and whimsy.

Robin Red Won’t Go To Bed

A simple little, old fashioned kids book.