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WRDWRX.COM is my all purpose site. I’m a capable researcher, wordsmith, and wanna-be photographer dedicated to spending my retirement in pursuit of effective communication and social transformation through entertainment. I even created a little sole proprietorship, Leadmark Media, in case I ever realized any kind of profit from my efforts!

My next book “Definding Canada” had it’s own web site but has since been reduced to a page at this site. The last project, “Afghanistan: A Canadian Story” can be bought at Chapters Indigo and the five year project that led to its publication November 2014 can be found at www.afghanistanacanadianstory.ca

I begin any project with observation, research, and analysis. In time I make my way to effective, relevant and often creative solutions. I enjoy working and weaving words and custom images in a range of print or digital formats that best express or advocate worthwhile ideas and information. I have the luxury of only taking on projects I like, believe in and choose to support.

Current competencies include, but are not limited to Microsoft and Adobe Suite tools as well as Word Press, Corel Paint, Photo, and Video.

Background – Mine is a diverse background that includes graduate and undergraduate academic research in international studies as well as 12 years of military service in the Royal Canadian Navy as a Public Affairs Officer. I have proven writing, imagery, and presentation skills, and embraced retirement from the military a few years ago as an opportunity to explore new means of communication and story telling.

I relocated to the Southern Gulf Islands a while back and prefer to consult with potential clients, paying and pro-bono, in the relaxed environment of any of a number of local island venues, including beaches, the local coffee shop and even, on occasion, Victoria. Timings are necessarily constrained by BC Ferries schedules.  Always happy for an excuse to visit the BC Museum in Victoria though.

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  1. I am very interested in getting a copy of the book – “Afghanistan: A Canadian Story”. I know many members of the Military that were tasked to go to Afghanistan – many friends and co-workers. I am willing to pay for the book and the postage to mail it to me. I look forward to hearing from you and I will forward my mailing address.

    Thank you.
    Jackie Neufeld

  2. Hello Melanie,

    I am writing on behalf of PinUp Campaigns.

    I saw you run your campaign on Kickstarter and noticed that it didn’t make it.

    We looked thoroughly into your whole campaign and found the project attractive.

    We are a newly launched Canadian Crowdfunding website. We think your campaign has potential and would love to work on it with you if you are interested. We would help you to improve your presentation and work with you to help you market it.

    We do not charge for campaign assistance when you post on our website. Additionally, whatever you make through our portal you will keep, as we are a ‘keep all’ portal, not ‘all or nothing’.

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