I am not a natural academic by any stretch of the imagination. I lack the discipline to confine my interests to one field or another and find much of academic writing to be pompous and repetitive. I did, however, stumble on two concepts (so far) that quite captured my interest and was compelled to run with them. Sadly many of my academic advisors were troubled by my tendency to an interdisciplinary approach, but the papers were modestly successful in their own right anyway.

Redefining Strategic Culture MA Thesis June 2014

Currently being rewritten and expanded as a book to be titled “Strategic Paradigm” in order to overcome the heavy hand of an invasive faculty advisor stuck in the 60’s Cuban Missile Crisis.

The Geographical Pivot of Afghanistan 2007

Graduate developmental research paper.

When Dragons Speak 2006

Graduate developmental research paper.

Interoperability Blessing or Curse 2003

Presented at the Dalhousie Defence Conference June 2003.

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