Academic Research

2014 – Ongoing research on Canadian history, culture, immigration, and geography for the proposed 2017 book “Definding Canada”.

2010 – 2014 – Research on the role of Canada in Afghanistan for “Afghanistan: A Canadian Story”

2006 – 2014 Research on the concept of Strategic Culture leading up to the publication of Redefining Strategic Culture my MA Thesis .

2007 The Geographical Pivot of Afghanistan was a pre-thesis paper involving research into the political culture of Afghanistan as shaped by it Strategic and Biophysical Environment.

2006 When Dragons Speak was yet another pre-thesis research project on a western perception of Japanese and Chinese Strategic Culture.

2003 – Research on Interoperability for a paper, Interoperability Blessing or Curse 2003 looking at the need to clearly distinguish interoperability from integration in Canadian/US defence practices and policies. The paper was successfully presented at the 2003 Dalhousie Defence Symposium.

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