I began writing for children when my own family first began to put in an appearance. Motherhood was never something I craved until one day my biological clock started clamouring. And so it began.

The Story of Jamie Small (available as an e-book on Amazon) is the only one to have been completely illustrated, many years ago. The rest, well, illustration is pending as is an update of the graphics for Jamie Small. (available here as a pdf The Story of Jamie Small)

Tell Me a Story Nana  is a collection of old fashioned stories waiting for me to find the time and the patience to produce illustrations that best reflect the stories.

Hello-Bug is a simple little story that tells of a happy conversation between a little boy and a bug. Illustrated in black line, the book begs for crayons to be applied to the story by a young reader.

Hello Closet is another simple little teaching story, and again illustrated in black line to encourage young readers to apply their crayons.

Hello Pillow was the first in the Hello World series and was done in design markers. Took a while to figure out how to transfer the original material to pdf book format. Enjoy.

Created at the same time as Jamie Small is a little story called Robin Red Won’t Go to Bed 

I am going back to a collection of stories I wrote for children some time ago and either updating or creating illustrations. More will be appearing here over time. Struggling to master Adobe Illustrator but am at least having fun learning to draw directly into the computer with the Bamboo Tablet. (not the same as an iPad or other type of “tablet”)

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