Definding Canada Eh

Welcome to my journey! A quest to find and define an inclusive Canadian National Identity.

Exploring, through imagery and narrative, the relationship between the diverse Canadian geography and the equally diverse Canadian people in order to identify and define an inclusive national identity.


Definding Canada is a quest to find and define what it is to be a Canadian in the twenty-first century. The project was originally supposed to involve more than eighteen months of research, six of which would be spent traveling all over Canada. Life intervened and the road trip has been delayed but research has begun anew this fall. The objective is to produce a print and electronic book as well as a documentary film that helps to identify an inclusive national identity based on values that are shared across the diversity that is Canada.

The objective is to explore the relationship between the land and the people of Canada, historical and contemporary, as it influences shared values and priorities that find expression in individual, community and national identity. This will be accomplished through observation, historical research, photography, video, and videoed interviews as well as an online survey and use of social media.

Spring and summer 2016 involved some travel and a lot of research and writing concurrent with the launch of the on-line survey to ask Canadians, in the context of their geography and heritage, what it means to them to be Canadian.

I was hoping that in 2017 I could capitalize on Canadian enthusiasm for the 150th anniversary of Confederation and and embark on a pan-Canadian road trip. May 2nd 2019 I finally began a long overdue journey north to complete my road trip coverage of Canada. This time I traveled in Murtle the Turtle, my little RV. (And yes, she really did have two spare tires. A must for the Dempster Highway!) The trip up the inside passage of the BC coast was spectacular and Haida Gwaii was beautiful. That year, however, the wildfire season started early. Concerned lest I get stranded in the north, I cut the trip short and headed home by way of Prince George and the Fraser Canyon Highway.

That was then, this is now. A year of pandemic with a degree of normal expected by late summer 2021 so travel plans have adapted. Murtle has been replaced by Percy, a slightly larger, much newer and far more comfortable traveling bubble. Very handy for a pandemic. Needless to say the road trip north may have to wait til 2022. Publication of the print and e-book, as a result, is anticipated for late 2022 or early 2023.

A Quest for National Identity

What’s in a Canadian National Identity?

Canada – A Nation of Immigrants

Canada’s First Nations

The Regions of Canada

Canadian Trivia

Definding Canada North May 2019 Trip Journal

Strategic Paradigm

(the basis for Definding Canada eh . . .)

“Strategic Paradigm is the shared, social, economic, and political values and priorities of a people, relevant to security preferences, as historically shaped and embedded by repeated interaction with and adaptation to their prevailing strategic and bio-physical environment.”

Coming out in e-book format sometime in 2021 . . . I hope.