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Hi there, Melanie here, wordsmith and story teller, and a bit of a  recluse. I raised a family on my own, then joined the Navy and served primarily as a Public Affairs Officer for about twelve years. Recently retired with a small pension so finally free to explore all the creativity and travel I was too busy to enjoy before. That means I can pick and choose the projects I take on with the added bonus of being able to work pro-bono if someone needs a creative hand with something, maybe a little editing, word-smithing or photography. Criteria for pro-bono work is simple. If the person or the project is interesting and/or worthwhile I’ll consider it. If the person is particularly compelling and the project fascinating, I’m hooked.

I have a well equipped and well connected home office, decent still and video camera equipment (nothing prosumer just yet), a reliable Grand Caravan SXT that doubles as a portable studio and wanna be camper, and I clean up fairly well if the situation calls for it.

When I am not puttering about my home on one project or another I can be found cycling local trails or kayaking local waters. As soon as my knee heals (not impressed with some aspects of aging) I plan to return to skiing and skating in the winter. Thinking of getting back to swimming too.

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